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This year I’m in complete super save mode. I want to travel the world, well at least the south east of it. My Boyf has planned out my money and I am officially broke but it will all be worth it when I’m spending each day on a different beach, mountain or jungle.

My journeys so far include,

Amsterdam, This city is picturesque, I was celebrating my birthday here. There was so much to do and not enough time. I blushed my way through the sex museum, got a bit weird in the coffee shops, drank enough Heineken to make me never want to drink it again and stayed in a cute little penthouse apartment just off Leidseplein square. I found the quirkiest vintage flea market where there were lots of little goodies. I cannot wait to visit this place again.

Las Vegas, I went on a girl’s holiday and had the most amazing time. Helicoptered through the Grand Canyon, which was surreal. I would highly recommend doing it for any one that visits. It was a once in a life time opportunity and 100% beats the 4-hour coach journey to see just the one view of such a grand natural beauty. Flying V.I.P made me feel of some what important and we landed in the Grand Canyon for a champagne picnic, A listing!! The clubs were fun but way over priced, it was about $20 for one drink which was gone in 2 seconds, and for a cheap skate like me and having just spent $270 on a helicopter it’s a good idea to pre drink.

Thailand, Koh Pha Ngan And Koh Samui, These islands were so beautiful its pushed me into the super save travel head mode I’m currently in. words cannot describe how these places made me feel. After almost 24hrs of travelling 3 planes and one boat later I was in paradise. Jungles for miles, untouched beaches and most importantly sun. The people there are the sweetest and everything is super cheap. Win.

Venice, I heard mixed reviews before visiting this city, Let me clear one of them up for you the water doesn’t smell. I was only here for 2 days but every single street was breathtakingly beautiful. Its expensive and the Italian’s aren’t the friendliest to tourists. However, when on a budget like I was there is plenty of sight seeing to do and we managed it all in one day.

Croatia, I went here volunteering at a festival and it was the best time of my life. Such freedom and lots of madness. Croatia is a beautiful country with clear blue seas. How ever look out for the police, they see you as an unlimited source of extra income.

I’ve travelled to many places since being a young child and always loved experiencing new cultures and countries different ways of life. In October I plan to travel the majority of South East Asia, starting off in Sri Lanka and moving through India and then round into Thailand and so on.

Lunar xo

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