Top 10 Best Travel Apps!

Apps!!! Theres an app for just about anything now. So for travellers which ones are the best to use? after my expedition across Asia and Australia I’m here to recommend to top 10 best travel apps.

  1. My all time favourite app to use has got to be Skyscanner. It’s the best for finding the cheapest flights and getting them booked.
  2. was our saviour. You can download the maps of the different countries you visit and off you go. It works without signal or wifi, you can search and pin places you want to visit. You can route to a specific location. It’s great it saved us from being lost so many time.
  3. Currency converter. It doesn’t really matter to much which app you use but having an on hand currency converter that works offline is super handy when it comes to shopping and knowing exactly how much you’re paying for things.
  4. Google translate. Always handy for when you’re in remote locations and no one really speaks any English.
  5. Guides by Lonely Planet. Me and Matt constantly found ourselves referring back to Lonely planet when it came to looking for things to do in each place we visited.
  6. Airbnb, Some of the best places we stayed in were through Airbnb. Not to mention cheap as well. There is something for all tastes and budgets on this site and it’s super easy to use.
  7., One of the main reasons we loved using this app was because every 10th night was free. When your travelling long term this is a great bonus. The free night works out the cost by averaging the total prices you paid for the other 9 nights.
  8., I love using this app because of the flexibility you have with your bookings. The fact you can pay when you get to the hotel and it’s members discount.
  9. Monzo, An online bank that doesn’t charge you to use you card abroad. I used mine as a cash card whilst travelling and when I lost it I could simply freeze my card so no one could use it.
  10. AccuWeather, Because you’re going to want to know if a monsoon is heading your way or wether you need to put on a bikini.

I’ve found that these apps worked the best for me. I utilised every single one of them and will probably never go on another trip without them. Happy travelling with my top 10 best travel apps.

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