Leaving everything behind!

Hellooooo, I’m back. It’s been such a long time since I last posted here. But good news, I have finally left the UK. I’m currently writing to you in my cute sky rise apartment in Bangkok, suffering the effects of jet lag. I’m leaving everything behind and going on an adventure.

Im leaving everything behind, Bangkok and temples

I’ve been waiting and working my butt off for months saving up for what could possibly be an endless wave of travelling! It’s been a lot of things, stressfull, boring, annoying, the list goes on and I’ve struggled living in England.

Since being a little girl I’ve been constantly asked what I want to do when I grow up and I’ve never been too sure, and the answer to that question has changed over and over again. Like c’mon what 13 year old knows what they will become in 10 years time, I still don’t know now at 22. However I do know that I don’t want to get stuck in a job that just pays the bills and maybe I’ll be able to afford a holiday once a year. I want to be out there, exploring and learning and experiencing. That’s what life comes down to in the end isn’t it? What are the experiences you want to have?

These past couple of months I’ve been whittling my life down into a back pack, I’ve moved out. Said my good byes to family and friends. I must admit, I did feel a little nervous when I got on the train to the airport knowing that I was leaving everything behind. I think for my generation of Millennials its not about settling down and getting married and buying a house. That’s old news. The world is a much more accessible place now and we want to go out and see it. Wether that be a holiday somewhere new every year, a gap year, a few months or in my case for the foreseeable future.

I follow so many travel bloggers and instagrammers, it’s hard not to be inspired to visit new shores and try out amazing new foods. I wanted to stop thinking I wish that was me and actually get out and do it. Which I couldn’t, you know, stuck in rainy Manchester, working 50 hour weeks for minimum wage. Yep not really the way I want to live this short life that we have. So me and my boyfriend booked our one way ticket to Bangkok and figure it out from there.

Bangkok City Life, leaving everything behind

So stick around for all the travel goodness that will be coming to the blog. Find me on instagram and twitter for daily uploads. If you have any amazing suggestions of places to visit whilst I’m in south east Asia let me know. Our current plan is very ‘loose’, or should I say barley exsistant, wupps.

I’m so happy to be leaving everything behind, and I cannot wait to see where my adventure takes me.

Thanks for reading and I promise I won’t be this quiet again.

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