How to talk Australian 101

In order to be an Aussie you must talk like an Aussie. Well, at least understand the bloody lingo. Since moving over seas I’ve been schooled in the art of Aussie slang and thought I’d share with my fellow English companions how to talk Australian.

Just like us English people, words are too long and must be shortened. Quite a bit of Aussie slang is just sayin O at the end of a bunch of words instead of a second word. For example the petrol station is known as the servo, the bottle shop is know as the bottle’o, afternoon becomes Arvo and a cig becomes a smoke’o. Getting the jist. Well apparently it’s not just those, I had a lady ask me for a Nappo whilst working, I literally had no idea what she was talking about, but apparently it’s shortened for napkin.

Now you have to get used to the different words they say for different food like capsicums instead of peppers or lollies instead of sweets and the American word for crisps, chips. Oh and if you want a half pint it’s not called a half over here it’s called midi.

Now for a little car talk. A pick up truck is called a yute. If you car breaks down instead of taking it to the garage, you take it over the pits. Over here they don’t have the whole insurance and m.o.t palarva nope, you simply need to go get a regg’o each year for a car. This covers third party insurance. And to stop the kangaroos making a dent in your car you might need a roo bar. Yep a big cause of car accidents here in Australia is wild kangaroos. Just another thing to add to the long list of things that can kill you in sunny Australia.

Now as an expat coming overseas to Australia us brits are known as Poms. A stereotypical propa Aussie bloke is known as a Bogan.

If it’s really humid outside Australians will say it’s muggy. They’ll also turn every sentence into a question by saying ‘ey‘ at the end. For example “that’s good, ey?” Be careful it doesn’t catch on. So basically if you really want to know how to talk Australian just add ey? and ‘o onto everything and you’ll be flying.

Now if you are planning on making the leap over here I’d get to know your coffee lingo. I won’t even start getting into it. It’s ridiculous.

Oh and last but not least, make sure you watch out for the infamous drop bears. I’ll try and update this list as I learn more, but if you have any please let me know.

how to talk Australian

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