Getting down to the Nitty Gritty, How to save!

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that in just a few months time I’ll be jetting off to travel the world. One of the biggest struggles with wanting to travel is money. I am terrible with it. I spend most of it on food and at the rate I was spending, never would I be able to travel the way I want to. So I’m going to share with you a few of my tips on how to save.

Traveling the way I want to for 5 months is going to use up a lot of money and some serious budgeting skills. I dont plan on working whilst travelling until I arrive in Australia. So Ive got to gather as much as I can whilst I’m still slaving away at my bar job in not so sunny England. I have a list of things I want to see in a number of different countries and to do all that isn’t going to be cheap.

How To Save

  1. Set some goals. When I booked my one way flight to Thailand, I set a goal that I wanted to reach. Then divided that goal by how many paydays I have till I reach it. Having goals like this makes it easier to save because your saving bit by bit instead of worrying about the huge chunk sum.
  2. Get a total of your monthly outgoings and when they come out. keep this money separate from any other money you have. I get paid weekly and put money aside each week for rent and bills. This way I’m never spending a full pay check on bills and then struggling for the rest of the week.
  3. Have a change pot. This comes in super handy and is basically saving without really trying. At the end of the day any loose change that you have just throw it all in a pot. No one likes carrying £6 in 10ps around. Over time this change pot will come to have quite a hefty amount of money in. It’s also a lifesaver when your in need of a little amount of cash here and there.
  4. Cook more. Make pack lunches. I used to spend so much money on take outs and buying lunch. Not only could this tip lead you to a more healthier lifestyle, it cuts out the unnecessary spending.
  5. Buy, sell, repeat. I love buying new clothes, I love shopping. But my wardrobe is overflowing. Having regular clear outs and selling clothes on Ebay or Depop creates new funds to spend on new things, therefor you dont need to cut into your pay check to get some new goods.
  6. Limit going out. I used to go out every other day of the week. Seriously. Now I only go out if its a special occasion or a blog event. I could easily spend £100 on a night out and thats a week of travelling blown on one night that I probably, definitely would of regretted the next day. whilst out, make the most of happy hours and food and drink offers. The world wide web has everything you need to know so use it.
  7. Charity shops and jumble sales. Every great fashionista knows amazing bargains can be found in charity shops.  Car boots, jumble sales, Even Facebook has a market place now.
  8. Use own branded products for cleaning products and basics. There basically the same.
  9. Cycle. It will keep you fitter and save on all that travel cost. win win.
  10. For me this is the best helper. Send your savings to a family relative or partner. Each pay day I send all my saves to my boyf and he stops me from spending it all. Without him I definitely wouldn’t have saved as much as I have so far and afforded everything I have. Thanks Matt.

So there you have it. All my tips on How to save. If you have any other great tips please let me know.

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  1. August 20, 2017 / 4:42 pm

    I’m definitely tempted to send my other half my money! I have an esavings but I always dip into it until I’m back down to zero… oops.

    • August 20, 2017 / 11:03 pm

      Yeh i have a savings account but I just kept spending out of it so if he has all my money I can’t touch it

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