How to do hair tinsel

In the world of 2017 glitter has become the biggest, longest lasting trend going. I love to cover myself in glitter at any chance I can get. But what if I could show you a subtle way to sparkle every day. In this post I’m going to show you how to do hair tinsel. Its my new favourite thing. I have been obsessing over this stuff for a few months, I saw a Youtuber with it in and needed it in my life. I had a lady finally put some in my hair at an event after looking for somewhere to get it done for a while. Since then I have been putting it in my hair every few weeks.

How to do hair tinsel

How to do Hair Tinsel

  1. First, select a single strand of hair tinsel and fold it in half forming a loop.
  2. Next, select a very small section of hair about 2 cm from the start of the hair line and 1cm below the hair parting.
  3. Tie a slip knot around the selected hairs by wrapping the loop around the hairs and pulling the ends of the hair tinsel through the loop. Slide the knot to the scalp.
  4. Tie a basic knot with the strand of hair and the hair tinsel, do this with both sides of the hair tinsel. Make sure you keep the knots touching the scalp.
  5. If the knot still slides, tie another knot.
  6. Brush the ends of your hair through and watch it sparkle.
  • To get the tinsel out slowly and carefully tease at the strands of hair and hair tinsel till it falls out
  • When washing the hair try not to pull on the ends of the hair and tinsel or the roots to keep hair tinsel in as long as possible.
  • style as normal, I dont recommend any heat over 200•c

How to do hair tinsel
And thats how to do hair tinsel, I seriously cant stop staring at my hair when I have it in. It looks like my hair belongs to that of a goddess. I love how subtle hair tinsel looks. It also makes me feel like a princess. It honestly just looks so nice.  I cant get over it. I get so many compliments with this stuff in my hair and it makes me so happy.

If you want to have a go yourself, you can buy hair tinsel from Ebay and Amazon its sooo cheap. If you have a go, please tweet me on twitter @lunarlunarxo. I would love to see how it looks on you guys.

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  1. August 15, 2017 / 9:14 pm

    Ooh the lady who does my nails does hair tinsel I am intrigued! might have to give it a go!

    • August 15, 2017 / 11:10 pm

      It’s super easy and it looks the best ha

    • August 16, 2017 / 10:26 pm

      Yes give it a try it’s actually sooooo easy

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