Over here at lunarlunarxo all opinions and views are completely my own (Holly Unsworth) I write to bring you information, entertainment, enjoyment and reviewing purposed only. When mentioning products I am simply offering my review and opinion of how that particular product works for me. Every one has different skin, bodies, hair etc.. and some of the products may not be for you. This is just a disclaimer.

I want to create trustworthy and reliable content for all of my readers. I will never be incentivised to promote a product  or brand I do not agree with. The aim of Lunarlunarxo is to create content that builds a trustworthy relationship with the readers.

I use a number of affiliate links on Lunarlunarxo. This simply means that I earn a commission on the products you buy through these links. This does not cost the buyer any more money that usual, The commission is taken from the retailer.

The images used belong to the blog and author. If you would like to use any of the content published on lunarlunarxo.com for your own blog post or social media, please credit and link back to this blog. Do not use any of the content for professional purposes.


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