Lets go back to the 90’s with The Crystal Maze!

The 90’s was the era of the best game shows around such as Gladiators, Robot wars, Fort Boyard and of course The Crystal Maze. I got an amazing opportunity to relive one of my all time favourite childhood programmes. I used to watch the crystal maze religiously, so for me to actually be able to play it was a dream come true. The Crystal maze is open to the public in Manchester and London.

The crystal maze

There are of course all four zones, Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic. These zones all contained the four different types of games, mental, skill, physical and mystery. I went along on this experience with my lovely boyf (who I made do most of the physical tasks) and we were paired with another couple so it was super fun getting to know them and team build. 10/10 would highly recommend this as a great family trip or work day out, it was soo amazing.

The Four Crystal Maze Zones

I had the best time there and immediately wanted to do it again. From start to finish you are transported into the world of the Crystal Maze. The maze master, as crazy as she was, stayed in character the whole time. This made it so fun and intense. The whole experience overall was so surreal, especially trying to grab as many tickets in the dome as possible. Your not aloud to take any pictures inside the maze but there are two opportunities to have photos taken, one in the aztec zone and the second in front of the dome. This was a totally different experience. I encourage everyone to go try it out, but be warned wear something comfy because theres a lot of running around.

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