A Sneak Peak At TheHut.com New Activewear Range

I got a chance to look at the new women’s sportswear range for Thehut.com, which was hosted in the luxurious Hale Country Club and Spa, which too is owned by The Hut Group. TheHut.com was founded in 2004 and they have head quarters in Norwich, Cheshire. TheHut.com features fashion brands such as Hunter, Ugg, Michael Kors, MINKPINK, Superdry and Calvin Klein. As well as featuring other departments like home ware, electric’s, beauty, toys and sports and outdoors. Hale Country Club and Spa, was very fancy and with memberships starting at £78 a month with a £100 joining fee, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

We were greeted with a tasty smoothie which contained all kinds of health and all the clothes were displayed across rails for us to drool over. I didn’t waste any time taking a browse through them, I skipped over half a rail when a glittery two piece caught my eye, they were designed by Lucas Hugh and I can not wait to get my mitts on them when they become available online. A good thing about the design of these leggings and sports top is they have little sewn in knickers and bra for comfort. Another piece that caught my eye was a crop top with a printed pattern on it which reflected so beautifully in the light.

After a look through all the lovely sportswear, champagne was brought out and canapés of duck sushi and prawn and avocado, very healthy of course. Then we got to have a Q&A with one of the trainers from Hale Country Club and Spa. This was great, I learned so much about nutrition and the best things to eat to get rid of my stubborn tummy fat. He spoke to us about eating high protein breakfasts so that our body releases hormones that break food down quicker earlier on in the day and give us energy and muscle strength, and to stay away from carbs. Carbs make you feel sluggish and of course are the little things that store fat. How ever if your training for an event or exercise regularly carbs are essential for your body to burn, however all in moderation. I came away from this talk seriously thinking about what I’m going to eat and to say buy to pizza and happy meals for good.


I had lots of fun at Thehut.com for their release, thank you to Hale Country Club and Spa for the hospitality and thank you to The Hut Group for letting me come have a nosey and my lovely goody bag filled with treats. I advise you all to go check out Thehut.com they have so much on offer. Thank you

Lunar xo

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