Meal Prep For Dummies

I managed to get through high school and college eating what I want when I want, never exercised and managed to stay looking hot to trot. When this meal prep malarkey first came about, I joked about It and thought it was pretty stupid. Then I got fat and poor and very unhealthy. So I decided to try it out. I always spend my money on food and it disappears into thin air and I’m stood there confused thinking why can’t I buy any more food. Meal prep is a really good way of budgeting, saving and making sure I eat some greens. So if your like me and forever buying crappy pre made foods and spending the little fortune from payday each week then I advise you try this.

It’s a good idea to plan loosely what your going to eat. Mine, CHICKEN and lots of it. I swapped normal pasta and rice for brown, because that’s supposed to be healthier I think. Bought a lot of random vegetable’s like onions, peppers, garlic and kale, everyone that’s healthy seems to eat kale so why not. Gathered some spices up like paprika, Cajun, chilli, garlic, ginger, salt and pepper, but not all together that would taste ming. I made a couple of different dishes, seasoned oven roasted chicken, peppers and spring onions with brown rice and boiled veg, and teriyaki chicken with brown rice and boiled veg. I learnt how to do teriyaki chicken off a Facebook video and totally winged it and it was pretty tasty to be fair to myself.

For the oven roasted chicken, I threw thinly sliced chicken into a baking tray. No idea which one I used. Added a little coconut oil in with it because that’s healthier than normal oil apparently. Then shook on some paprika, Cajun, chilli and pepper. Rubbed all that in and then throw on top chopped mixed peppers and spring onions and just left in the oven at what ever temperature is high and left for 15/20 minutes. Boom done. Well I then had to boil some rice, my advice don’t listen to the time they give you on the packet because it lies. I kept trying little bits every 5 or so minutes till it felt soft all round, I cooked a hella load so it took forever because I was making eight meals. And the man stole 4 of them. Boiling veg is easy peasy lemon squeezy. I just added all my vegetables into boiling water for about 15 minutes till it was soft.

For the Teriyaki Chicken, I watched one of those 5 minute videos on Facebook and decided to attempt it, I had no idea what I was doing or if it was right but in the end it tasted super good and felt like I had just eaten a Chinese, yum. I diced up some chicken and threw it in the fryer but used coconut oil, remember because its “healthier” once its just cooked all the way through I began the teriyaki bit and added a bit of soy sauce, I don’t actually know how much I used but it was enough to cover the chicken and a little extra, then a tea spoon of garlic granules, a tea spoon of ginger, a pinch of salt, a pinch of pepper, and add a table spoon of honey. I kept this frying and stirring for about 10 minutes, I kept adding a little bit more honey in because it tasted a bit to salty at the start, so feel free to do that if you try this.

Then I spilt everything up into little tupaware tubs with rice, chicken and a portion of boiled veg. My shopping in all came to around £30 and I still have plenty of left over vegetables and rice for when I next need to prep. I eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast and I’ve just started snacking on mainly hummus in between meals. Eating healthy is hard if you’re someone like me who thrives off fizzy drinks and take outs. I tend to drink water when I start to feel hungry because I’m sure I seen a statistic somewhere about how sometimes hunger just means that your thirsty anyway that works. So be healthy or not but know to those who don’t know how to the struggle is REAL….

Lunar Lunar xo

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